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Q: How do I buy a CC from your site?
A: It is easy and you do not need to register to use our site. Buying CC from our site takes just 3 simple steps.
1. You choose the type of CC you need then click the pay button, where after you will be directed to the payment page. After making your deposit you are to click on the return to merchant button.
2. After returning to the Merchant Page you will see a confirmation page and advised to complete the form, NOTE: Correct completion of the form is needed for a hitch free delivery of the CC ordered.
3. After submitting the form you will be emailed your CC to the email address provided by you on our confirmation page. Your CC will be emailed to you immediately after your payment is reviewed and confirmed by our Representative. You do not need any further action after submitting the form. You are advised to be patient for a maximum of one hour for your order to be delivered. Submitting multiple forms for one order may lead to a cancellation of your order.

Q: How long does it take before I get my CC?
This might take about one hour maximum. Your CC will be emailed to you as soon as your your order is reviewed and confirmed by our Representative

Q: Why was the CC I bought declined or not accepted during purchase or order?
Credit Card details are tested fresh and recent but we can not guarantee your ability to use these Credit Cards on sites with multi million dollar security. And also some Credit Card verification processes may pass through its original owner, so it is strongly advised you use your personal credit card for important purchases. Your purchase with such credit cards are limited and the IP Address of the Server used may lead to rejection of your purchase.

Q: Why was I given a different CC from the one I wanted?
1.The Card Type input on the confirmation page for your payment was incorrect.
2. Your deposit was not up to the amount of the Type of CC requested.

NOTE: Please order one CC at a time for regularity, we are still upgrading site so it will take a while for us to get automatic shop



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